Nutanix runs on Cisco UCS® Technology

Leverage Cisco UCS® to build an Enterprise Cloud

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software is fully tested to run on Cisco UCS® servers at high performance with unlimited scalability – delivering the benefits of public cloud to datacenters built with Cisco® technology. Experience the full power of Nutanix, including advanced data optimization, scale-out storage services, multiple hypervisor support, one-click software upgrades and more.

  • Experience cloud-like simplicity with one-click datacenter management, infrastructure scalability and troubleshooting
  • Reduce virtualization costs with Nutanix’s native AHV hypervisor and integrated virtualization management
  • Run any application, at any scale, with the highest performance

Hurwitz & Associates Analyst Report

Learn how the deployment of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS on Cisco UCS® combines the agility and one-click simplicity of public cloud infrastructure with the control and predictable economics needed from a private cloud.

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Why Nutanix on UCS®

  • Simplify your datacenter using built-in UCS® storage resources to eliminate expensive and complex SANs
  • Scale your infrastructure by adding UCS® servers one at a time, with no limits
  • Get full support for Cisco® networking technologies – no change to network architecture or operations
  • Nutanix AHV is included which saves money by eliminating hypervisor licensing fees
  • The industry’s only hyperconverged solution that runs on both fully-functional blades and rackmount UCS® servers.

Which UCS® Models are Qualified?

 Disk Bays
Form Factor1
Drive Configs
VDI, Middleware
& Web Services
Storage Heavy
& Server Virt.
High Performance, Exchange
& Large Databases
(1U Half-width Blade)
2x SFF2x SSD (All-Flash)  
(1U Server)
10x SFF4-10x SSD (All-Flash)  
(1U Server)
8x SFF8x SSD (All-Flash);
2x SSD, 6x HDD (Hybrid)
(2U Server)
12x LFF,
2x SFF
2/4x SSD,
4-12x HDD (Hybrid)
(2U Server)
12x LFF2/4x SSD,
10x HDD (Hybrid)
(2U Server)
26x SFF4x SSD,
4-22x HDD (Hybrid)
(2U Server)
24x SFF24x SSD (All-Flash);
4x SSD, 20x HDD (Hybrid)
1 SFF=2.5-inch drives, LFF=3.5-inch drives. 2 See HCL for details on Blade enclosure.

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"Older IT technology is unable to bring a cloud-like experience that IT has come to expect. With the rock-solid foundation of Cisco UCS® servers combined with the pay-as-you-grow, scale-out simplicity enabled by the Nutanix software, IT can now bring the ease of public cloud to their own on-premises private cloud."

Ryan Sheehan
General Manager, Advanced Solution Group at SHI

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