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No matter which stage of your Enterprise Cloud journey you're on, you'll learn something new and useful from our free Online Training. Designed with you in mind, these online options offer a fresh, engaging, and interactive way of teaching you the fundamentals you need to succeed.

Set up with Acropolis
AHV Overview
This course covers all things Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV), including networking, advanced features, DRS, image customization, block services and much much more.
What’s New in AOS
Get an overview of the new features and changes in each major release of AOS.
Distributed Storage Fabric
Explore our hypervisor-agnostic DSF which provides data services such as storage provisioning, snapshots, clones, and data protection for VMs directly.
App Mobility Fabric (AMF)
Nutanix nodes with the Acropolis hypervisor include a distributed VM management service responsible for storing VM configuration, making scheduling decisions, and exposing a management interface.
Data Protection (DP)
Learn how Nutanix Data Protection gives administrators options to meet recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) for different applications.
Fundamentals of the Enterprise Cloud
Join us as we look at one of the most interesting technology stories of our times: our ever-evolving industry from servers to datacenters, web-scale infrastructure to the cloud.
Highlights the core aspects of the NX-1050, NX-3050, NX-3060, and NX-8150 systems.
Cluster Components
This course reviews the components that make up your Nutanix Cluster including Zookeeper, Medusa, and Prism.
Rack, Stack, and Configure
Nutanix Foundation is a tool that allow administrators to completely bootstrap, deploy and configure clusters from start-to-finish with minimal interaction in matter of minutes.
Networking 101
From theory to port channelling to trunking and more, this series covers everything you need to know about Networking for Nutanix.

Community Edition

Everything CE
From installation to getting started with Prism CE, this course will get you up and running on CE fast.

Hypervisor Integration

Microsoft Hyper-V
Everything you need to know about running Microsoft Hyper-V on Nutanix.
VMware ESXi
Everything you need to know about running VMware ESXi on Nutanix.
Secure with
Secure with Flow
This course explores how Nutanix Flow simplifies app and VM security using policies and categories, as well as microsegmentation, flow visualization, and network function service chaining.
Optimize with
Optimize with Beam
See how Nutanix Beam can help you with cost visibility/optimization, consumption planning, financial governance, and security compliance.
Manage with
This series covers Nutanix Prism, and how it streamlines and automates common workflows, eliminating the need for multiple management solutions across datacenter operations.
with Calm
Calm Overview
This course shows you how Nutanix Calm provides peace-of-mind with application automation and lifecycle management.
Calm Deep Dive
This course walks you through Nutanix Calm, with a deep-dive into how IT teams manage and support apps that drive the business via the Marketplace, Blueprints, RBAC, and Publishing.

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