Design and automation for IT processes to help deliver your choice of hybrid cloud platforms

Nutanix Consulting Services combines world-class technical expertise with practical experience designing and automating IT processes to deliver your choice of hybrid cloud platforms designed to transform your IT organization. Our customized engagements cover a wide range of environments, including:

  • Application orchestration and lifecycle management for hybrid cloud with Nutanix Calm

  • VMware vRealize Suite cloud management platform on Nutanix with any hypervisor

  • ServiceNow ITSM and ITOM platform management integration into Nutanix through the power of REST API

  • OpenStack cloud integration with the Nutanix platform, leveraging pay-as-you-grow scaling

Cloud Services

ServiceNow Ticketing Integration
Integrate Nutanix with ServiceNow IT Service Management solution to automate infrastructure provisioning
Calm Introduction Workshop
Accelerate your Nutanix Calm journey with customized hands on training and deployment
Container Design Workshop (Coming Soon)
Architect and design your container solution on Nutanix, using ACS, Calm and Kubernetes
Microsegmentation Design Workshop
Plan and design security policies for applications using micro-segmentation in Nutanix Flow
Calm Custom Blueprint Delivery Service
Custom service to design, develop and deploy Calm blueprints for applications including lifecycle management
Onramp to Calm from vRealize Service
Custom service to design, develop and deploy Calm blueprints for applications that leverage automation developed for applications on vRealize suite
Hybrid Cloud Calm Service
Custom service for greenfield deployment of a hybrid cloud implementation based on Calm on Nutanix
Hybrid Cloud Calm Migration Service
Custom service for complete migration from existing Cloud Management platforms to Calm on Nutanix
Cloud Resident
Highly qualified subject matter experts in Cloud automation with a wide range of industry experience

Please contact for details on custom services

Cloud Transformation Workshop & Service

Transform your organization into an agile service-oriented operating model. Includes a complete assessment of your current model and a roadmap for change.

  • Achieve IT Service Management (ITSM) alignment for a web-scale operating model.

  • Optimize people, process, and technology structures to best utilize the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.

  • Leverage operational best- practices for cloud computing models.

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