Nutanix Files™

Simple, scalable and reliable file storage for your enterprise cloud

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What is Files

Nutanix Files is a software-defined scale-out file storage solution for unstructured file data.  It provides a highly available and massively scalable data repository for a wide range of  deployments and applications. Files is natively integrated into the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS, and it precludes the need for a separate NAS appliance by providing a consolidated solution with unified management for VM and enterprise file services.

Eliminate Complexity

VM and file storage are on the same cluster, eliminating the complexity of deploying and managing a separate infrastructure stack for standalone NAS solutions.

Scale on Demand

Files is a 100% software-based service that can be deployed in minutes and scaled on demand with a single click.

Easily Grow Capacity

Storage can be scaled independently of compute. A storage heavy or storage only Nutanix node can be added to the cluster, and additional file server VMs can be deployed instantaneously.

Ensure Availability

Files makes sure data is available during software upgrades, hardware upgrades and unexpected failures with no bottlenecks or isolated points of failure.

Protect and Recover Files

Native snapshots and self-service recovery make recovery of files extremely easy.

Leverage Flexible Deployment Options

Files can be deployed on stand-alone clusters purely meant for file serving or integrated where virtual machines and data live in the same cluster.

Scale up or Scale out on demand easily and invisibly

Files allows you to easily scale from 100s of users to 10s of thousands of users enabling you to store billions of files and PBs of data.

Turnkey Consolidation

Can be deployed standalone for centralized management of file data or on an existing Nutanix cluster for better cluster utilization.

Single Namespace

A single namespace is exported from the Files cluster, no matter how large the cluster is.

Scale and Performance

Built to handle billions of files by design, and tens of thousands of user sessions. As the environment grows, the cluster can be scaled up or scaled out.

Enterprise Storage Features

Includes intelligent tiering, deduplication, erasure coding, and compression from DSF.


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