Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS

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    Optimize with Beam

  • Manage with Prism

    Manage with Prism

  • Orchestrate with Calm

    Orchestrate with Calm

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    Extend with Xi

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    Set up with Acropolis

  • Secure with Flow

    Secure with Flow

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    Automate with Era

  • Microsoft Azure
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Empowers you to:

Run any application at any scale—simply and securely—with one OS, and one click

Choose your preferred hypervisor, hardware platform, and cloud—all while avoiding vendor lock-in

Leverage a rich, integrated ecosystem of partners and vendors


A unified management plane to manage applications and infrastructure across different datacenters and clouds. Prism enables comprehensive datacenter management, operational insights, planning, and performance.


Application automation and lifecycle management for the Nutanix and public clouds, as part of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS. Calm orchestrates the provisioning, scaling and management of applications across multiple environments to make IT infrastructure more agile and application-centric.


Native virtual networking built into Nutanix AHV that includes VM Microsegmentation for application security. Flow Microsegmentation leverages an application-centric policy model that is backed by the granular control offered by a distributed stateful VM level firewall, all centrally managed via Prism.

Flow Flow


Multi-cloud optimization service delivered as part of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS. Beam gives organizations deep visibility and rich analytics detailing cloud consumption patterns, along with one-click cost optimization across cloud environments.

Xi Cloud

A native cloud extension to our Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS. Utilizing access to the entire infrastructure stack, Xi Cloud uniquely enables IT teams to extend their environment beyond traditional datacenter boundaries to an integrated cloud environment.

Xi Cloud Xi Cloud


Automates database operations such as provisioning and life cycle management. Copy data management is the first feature of Era. It is powered by a time machine technology that enables database cloning, refresh, and restore to any point in time with just a few simple clicks.

Learn about Nutanix Era

What Differentiates Nutanix Technology?

Native Integration of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Native Integration of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Simplified risk management, optimization, and ease of operation across the Nutanix product portfolio

Any Application at Any Scale

Any Application at Any Scale

Start small and grow to any size deployment

Simplified Management

Simplified Management

Centralized infrastructure management streamlines workflows

Built-in Resiliency

Built-in Resiliency

No single point of failure, so data and applications remain highly available

Application & Data Protection

Application & Data Protection

Built-in security, data protection and disaster recovery

Non-disruptive Upgrades

Non-disruptive Upgrades

One-click software updates eliminate planned IT downtime

Freedom of Choice

Freedom of Choice

No lock-in and no rigid environments

API-based Design

API-based Design

Full ecosystem of partners and ease of integration

Native virtualization option with AHV

Native virtualization option with AHV

simplified and comprehensive single stack solution (HCI infrastructure, Virtualization, Management, Orchestration & Automation)

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