Comtrade Software

  • Comtrade Software Monitors Nutanix Enterprise Clouds’ availability, hardware, storage, virtual machines and data protection
  • Automatically detects Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL applications running on Nutanix Enterprise Clouds, groups related virtual machines and displays their roles
  • Provides reports about Nutanix hardware resources, capacity sizing and right sizing of VMs
  • Instantly alerts and provides information of top processes running on VM by resource consumption in case of high VM resource utilization
  • Provides and displays correlation of collected performance information from Citrix MPs and Comtrade Software Nutanix MP in intuitive Citrix-Nutanix SuperPack dashboards

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Validated Solutions:

  • Nutanix Management Pack for Comtrade Software is validated on AHV, vSphere and Hyper-V
  • Comtrade Software's HYCU 1.0 solution is validated on AHV