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Take Control of Applications with Universal Visibility and Monitoring

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS provides a single stack solution providing simplicity of management, operational insights, and visibility for datacenter infrastructure. Netsil technology will enhance the Enterprise Cloud with visibility into enterprise applications and services and their complex interdependencies, with absolutely no code changes required.
As a result, IT Operations and DevOps teams are able to reduce downtime, ensure reliable deployments and meet their service level objectives.

Comprehensive Application Discovery and Visibility

Become all knowing with auto-discovered application dependency mapping. Discovered application topologies are searchable and allow real-time monitoring of traffic flows between internal and external services. Combined with historical data, IT operations can now “time travel” 
to view and compare past observations with current behavior.
This level of visibility provides rich context to create and manage application security policy, identify performance bottlenecks and speed problem resolution.

One-Click Reliability

DevOps approaches are helping evolve collaboration between operation, development and quality assurance teams. Netsil provides these teams visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs) such as resource utilization, latency and throughput along with integrated service level alerting and alarming all presented on preconfigured or user customizable dashboards.

Combined with deep drill down capabilities and dependency mapping, Operations teams can stay ahead of performance and reliability problems.

One OS, One Click, Any Cloud...Any App

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS provides an approach that automates all aspects of how applications are created, consumed and governed across the infrastructure stack, melding application-level orchestration with a cloud-driven infrastructure.

Netsil will compliment the Enterprise Cloud OS by providing needed visibility and monitoring to ensure those applications perform as expected throughout their lifecycle.

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