Nutanix Enterprise Cloud on Hitachi Advanced Server HA8000V/DL360

The Leading Enterprise Cloud Software is Now Available on Hitachi

Hitachi HA8000V servers are fully tested and certified by Nutanix to run Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software. Hitachi customers are able to leverage Nutanix solutions to build an enterprise cloud delivering the simplicity and agility of public cloud services, with the control and security needed in private cloud environments. Hitachi HA8000Vcustomers receive the same Nutanix compute, storage, virtualization and network functionality – plus the company’s intuitive, consumer-grade management that has made Nutanix the industry’s most popular hyperconverged solution.

Nutanix on Hitachi in 30 Seconds

Buying Nutanix Software

  • Build a full infrastructure stack with just Hitachi servers and Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software.
  • Eliminate expensive and complex SANs and simplify your datacenter using Hitachi server storage resources.
  • Radically simplify infrastructure management with one-click software upgrades, infrastructure scaling and troubleshooting – freeing IT staff to focus on business applications rather than the infrastructure.
  • Start small and scale your infrastructure without limits by adding Hitachi servers one at a time.
  • Cut the cost of virtualization with the Nutanix native AHV hypervisor and integrated virtualization management.
  • Easily add Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software to your Hitachi server with no change to your architecture or operations.

Which Hitachi HA800V Models are Qualified?

How is Nutanix on Hitachi HA8000V Supported?

Nutanix provides first call support for the complete Hitachi HA800V hardware + Nutanix software solution.

Nutanix addresses all software-related issues, and proactively coordinates Hitachi hardware support cases through TSANet (Technical Support Alliance Network), which then hands off to Hitachi for hardware support and replacement.

Customers get a single point of contact for all issues, and benefit from Nutanix’s unmatched 90+ Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Strong Customer and Partner Demand

Nutanix’s support for Hitachi HA800Vis in response to strong demand from customers and channel partners. Authorized distributors and resellers for Hitachi and Nutanix will integrate the Hitachi hardware and Nutanix software either at their facilities or at the customer site. IT professionals get the same delightful experience as other all other Nutanix-supported hardware platforms.

Customers are able to purchase a Nutanix software entitlement, including Nutanix support services, through an authorized Nutanix channel partner, and obtain Hitachi HA8000V hardware and hardware support from Hitachi or an authorized Hitachi channel partner.

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