White Paper:
Simplifying and Saving on VDI Deployments Through Hyperconvergence

Many companies have turned to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to increase both business continuity and productivity, allowing employees to access their desktops and applications without being tied to a physical location. But unfortunately enterprises struggle to reduce the overall costs and complexity of their data centers with traditional implementations.

Download the ESG report to see how the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform and Citrix XenDesktop together offer a predictable infrastructure to organizations looking to bring IT’s focus for and VDI back to favorable economics, streamlined management, and excellent user experience even at scale. In this report, you will learn how: 

  • Nutanix scale out architecture enables linear predictable scaling without upfront Capex.
  • Nutanix enterprise cloud platform simplifies and accelerates Citrix VDI deployment and management
  • Other businesses have successfully lowered their TCO by running Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop on Nutanix HCI and AHV