Welcome to Volume 2 of NEXT Magazine – the place to find practical advice, bold ideas, and occasionally controversial opinions from some of the IT industry's leading change agents.

In this edition:


• Cloudification and the Road to Digital Transformation
• In Spite of the Monsters: Fear, diversity, and the importance of belonging
• Scaling the Startup: Adopt a DevOps Mindset for a Successful Transition


• Leadership through Lifecycles
• What Will the New CIO Look Like?
• “Whole Self” Culture Key to Thriving Organizations


• Machine Learning: Robots Are Taking Over the World. But Not the Way You Think.
• Cloud Service Broker: The New Role of IT
• The Tactical Datacenter: Extreme Portability for Extreme Environments


• The Fallacy of Impossible (featuring Mick Ebeling of Not Impossible)
• Navigating Sea Change: Three Principles to Consider on Your Digital Transformation Journey (featuring Fabien Cousteau)